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Welcome to Sweet Invitations - Handmade wedding invitations and rose petal wedding invitations

Handmade wedding invitations offered by Sweet Invitations are beautiful and exquisite. We use the finest handmade paper available to create our wedding invitations. Our handmade paper is made from discarded and shredded cloth using petals, silk and grass. This paper is tree-free, acid free, 100% recycled and will not disintegrate or discolor over time like wood pulp based paper, allowing your invitation to serve as a memento. Each handmade wedding invitation will send a message of how environmentally conscious you are and will emphasize the importance of the occasion it is being used to represent.

We at Sweet Invitations endeavor to provide our customers with personal service and the lowest price possible, by giving our customers the choice to print and assemble the invitations themselves. Feel free to mix and match colors and paper styles to suit your needs. This will be the perfect way to announce to the world the details of your very special occasion. Handmade wedding invitations, rose wedding invitations, petal wedding invitations and paper wedding cards at sweet invitations.

Handmade wedding invitations, rose wedding invitations, petal wedding invitations and paper wedding cards at sweet invitations
"I'm writing to thank you sooooo much for the invitations, and in such a timely manner. We got them all out a week ago, and the response cards are coming back already. The comments and compliments that we are receiving, both by mail, telephone and in person, are that everyone is so impressed by the invitations! It was a pleasure for me to prepare and send out each and every one of them." --- Jenny.

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